Who plays Darnell Girlfriends?

Khalil Kain

Did Darnell change Girlfriends?

Tanner Scott Richards played Jabari Darnell Wilkes in seasons 1-6 but was replaced by Kendré Berry in seasons 7-8.

Where is Darnell from Girlfriends now?

Khalil Kain Now

Kain (who took over the role of Darnell from Flex Alexander beginning in season two) has mostly stuck to guest appearances and low-key movie work since the end of Girlfriends. His résumé includes roles on Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, and Elementary.

What episode does Darnell and Maya break up?

Maya's ex-husband, Darnell, shows up at her book signing, and she thinks it's a sign he wants her back. Despite an amicable break-up, Joan and William can't find their way back to friendship... 

Did Maya and Darnell get back together?

At Lena and Darnell's wedding Maya professed her love for Darnell. The two reconcile and begin living together again in Season 6.

Why did they replace Darnell on girlfriends?

His departure from the show happened because he wanted to star in the UPN sitcom One on One instead. This series was his own, as he created, produced, and starred in it as single father Mark "Flex" Washington.

Does Darnell cheat on Maya?

Darnell, heartbroken kicked Maya out; which landed her over to Joan's house. Later (Season 3, Episode 8: Handling Baggage) Maya makes a last-attempt at rectifying things with Darnell. She finds out that Darnell slept with one of his coworkers, Cecily; which in her mind 'makes them even'.

Is Khalil Kain related to Maino?

Khalil has two kids and is the brother of rapper Maino.

How old was Khalil Kain on girlfriends?

57 years (November 20, 1964)

Are Maya and Darnell divorced?

They ultimately proceed with a divorce. In the later seasons, we see Maya being more headstrong about her career and leading a successful life as a self-care author. In Season 5, Maya receives a drunk call from Darnell where he confesses that he's still in love with her, despite getting married the following day.

Was Toni really pregnant in girlfriends?

Similar to Sex and the City, babies don't play a big role in Girlfriends. However, the show featured an episode named “Pregnant Pause” in season 1 wherein Joan, played by Tracee Ellis Ross suspects that she might be pregnant. ... But, she is disappointed when the doctor revealed that she was indeed not pregnant.

Where is Jill Marie Jones now?

She has shouldered several roles depicting strong, Black women in her years in Hollywood. She may be best remembered for her role as Toni Childs-Garrett on the award-nominated sitcom "Girlfriends" that ran from 2000-2006. Now, Jones is living in a new role in the drama "Delilah" airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network.