Where can I use indeed?

Indeed, for example, means "in fact, or it's mean in truth." When you use the term indeed, you are emphasizing that what you're stating is correct. In English, the phrase is also used to introduce a point that's even more accurate than the preceding one.


What indeed mean?

  1. without a doubt and without any uncertainty.
  2. in reality. 
  3. as a matter of fact.

Is it correct to say yes indeed?

Although they are used interchangeably in casual contexts, many native and non-native speakers tend to use "quite sure" or "certainly — indeed," as well.

When can I use indeed in a sentence?

Apparently, you utilize indeed to agree or confirm something that has just been saying. He then acknowledged that the payments had indeed been made, although he said they had been made as a result of an error on his part. He did, indeed, keep important papers inside his cap. 'Did you know him?' I said to the cop who'd been searching my car.

Is indeed a formal word?

You may use this meaning without much effort, but it is considerably more formal or literary in nature. 'Indeed he was very angry".

What indeed is life?

Life is the process of a human being or animal living. Every individual has life as long as they are alive. We should value our lives highly. In the end, we die, so it's crucial to make the most of it right now and not squander it. I hope this information proves useful.

What is the synonym of indeed?

Synonyms for indeed are:
  1. in-fact
  2.  in reality
  3. certainly
  4. admittedly
  5. honestly
  6. absolutely
  7. fairly
  8. undeniable
  9. genuinely

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