What's the meaning of Endeavour?

What is the difference between Endeavour and Endeavor?

Although the meanings are nearly identical, here are a few distinctions to bear in mind when utilizing these terms correctly: The US spelling "endeavor" is only used as a verb, whereas the UK spelling "endeavour" may also be used as a noun.


What does Endeavour mean in British English?

To try hard for something. The thing you're aspiring for is the endeavor itself, often known as a business or project. It's a British spelling of the term that's most popular there. The United States prefers to spell the word endeavor, although NASA named one of its space shuttles after it.

What is the synonym of Endeavour?

some synonyms for endeavor are
  1.  try
  2.  attempt
  3.  venture
  4.  undertake
  5.  aspire
  6.  aim
  7.  seek
  8.  set out
  9.  strive
  10.  struggle
  11.  labor
  12.  toil
  13.  work
  14.  hard
  15.  try hard
  16.  exert oneself
  17.  apply oneself
  18.  do one's best
  19.  do one's utmost
  20.  give one's all

How do you use the word Endeavour?

If you endeavor to accomplish anything, you put out a lot of effort. I'll do my best to make it happen. An endeavor is a determination to accomplish something, particularly something innovative or new. His earliest endeavors in the field were wedding films.

What are future endeavors?

The meaning of the phrase is to wish someone else the best of luck in their attempts to progress. When someone is thinking about moving forward or continuing their education, career path, projects, or other activity types, you may wish their future endeavors.

What is an example of an endeavor?

An endeavor is defined as an attempt with a lot of effort. The ascent of a huge mountain is an example of an endeavor.

What is the meaning of best Endeavours?

The aim of the phrase "best endeavours" is a legal one that implies a party to a contract must do everything in its power to fulfill the conditions of the agreement. The best endeavors of a party in a contract are restricted by the right to avoid self-harmful actions.