What is a naive person?

If you label someone as such, you think they lack expertise and expect things to be simple or straightforward, or people to be honest or decent when they are not.


Is being naive good or bad?

Naivety is often considered a negative quality. Of course, you shouldn't become so naive that you appear stupid. If you do not address your problems, they may get worse, and you might be taken advantage of.

What is an example of naive?

Being youthful, unaware, or trusting is an example of naïveté. Someone who believes the moon is composed of cheese because their mother said so is a case of naiveté. A person who is artless, gullible, or uncritical.

Do naive means innocent?

1. “Innocent” refers to a person who is unaffected by evil, venom, or crime, whereas “naïve” refers to a person who is inexperienced and free from any guile. Both “innocent” and “naïve” are terms that indicate a lack of the ability to harm.

What is the opposite of naive?

Some opposite words are
  1. urbane
  2. polished 
  3. informed 
  4. refined 
  5. sophisticated 
  6. worldly 
  7. intelligent 
  8. trained 
  9. experienced 
  10. well-informed
  11. worldly-wise.

How do I know if I'm naive?

The word "naive" refers to someone who is too trusting of others and believes that everyone is telling the truth. If you keep trusting someone who has let you downtime and time again, you're a dim-witted individual.

What is the difference between naive and gullible?

When someone is inexperienced or unskilled, they are called naive. When someone is easily fooled, he or she is said to be gullible. A gullible person is also a naïve individual who lacks judgment.

What is another word for naive?

synonyms are:
  1. artless
  2. ingenuous
  3. natural
  4. unsophisticated.

What is the difference between ignorant and naive?

Naïve implies the absence of life experience, while ignorant implies a lack of information.

Is naive and dumb the same?

If someone is naive, they have learned less than what might be expected. If someone is stupid, they have been taught but not learned.

What does naive mean in a relationship?

People might be accused of being naive if they believe that they can "fix" others by assisting, loving, believing in them, and so on. This is a typical occurrence in love relationships. To become less naive, realize that everyone is solely accountable for their own actions and behavior.