What is mean by define in English?

to describe or identify the nature or basic characteristics of; To define judicial responsibilities, To solve or put down clearly and definitely; Specify precisely: to identify one's obligations. To establish or adjust the boundaries or scope of something: to define property with stakes.


What it means to define something?

You demonstrate, describe, or state clearly what something is and what its parameters are by defining it.

How do you use the word define?

Define: to clarify the meaning of (a term, phrase, etc.)

To describe (someone or something) clearly and completely. The government study aims to define urban poverty. Urban poverty is defined in the study.

This is a way of saying "to clearly exhibit the form, outline, or edge of (something)". That fence defines the end of the property.

How do you use defined?

Psithurism is defined as, is a Greek term that refers to the whistling rustling of the trees on a windy, fall afternoon. She thinks that success should be defined by how healthy and happy you are.

What is the Bengali meaning of define?

IPA: dɪfaɪnBengali: ডিফাইন

What is another word for well-defined?

  1. clear-cut
  2. distinct
  3. explicit
  4. precise
  5. straightforward 
  6. transparent 
  7. unambiguous 
  8. apparent
  9. audible
  10. comprehensible
  11. graspable
  12. intelligible 
  13. legible 
  14. lucent 
  15. lucid 
  16. obvious
  17. plain
  18. sharp 
  19. spelled out
  20. unblurred.

What is an antonym?

antonym is a word that has an opposing meaning. The polar opposite of excellent is terrible.

What is Karen mean in Tiktok?

Karen is a term of abuse for a white woman who is thought to be entitled or demanding beyond what is acceptable. The phrase is a meme that depicts white women who utilize their power to get their own way.

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