What is a Kitsune in real life?

The kitsune, or foxes, are a race of supernatural beings that live all across Japan. They're essentially the same as wild foxes found elsewhere in the world save for their remarkable magical abilities. People adore them for their adorable features and tiny stature. Kitsune yokai, on the other hand, are known to have a variety of tails. They may also be represented as bipedal.


What are the 13 types of kitsune?

In Japanese mythology, there are various sorts of Kitsune. some of them are

  1. Tengoku (Heaven, Celestial, Light, Prime)
  2. Kukan (Void or Dark)
  3. Kaze (Wind)
  4. Seishin (Spirit)
  5. Kasai (Fire)
  6. Chikyu (Earth)
  7. Kawa (River)
  8. Umi (Ocean, Sea)

Is a Nine-Tailed Kitsune real?

Huli Jing, Kitsune, Kumiho, and Hồ Tinh are the foxes' common names in Asia. The countries where they are most popular are China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, where they are known as Huli Jing, Kitsune, Kumiho (Hồ tinh). These are white fox spirits that serve as protectors for humans and ward off evil.

What kills a kitsune?

The most logical reason for death is when it is stabbed in the heart or starved. Kitsune live a long time. Some are believed to be around 900 years old.

Can a kitsune have 10 tails?

One of the distinguishing features of a kitsune is its tail. Kitsunes have one tail at birth; the most powerful mortal kitsune have nine tails (Japanese: 九尾, kyūbi). The Goddess of Kitsune, Inari, is usually portrayed as the only ten-tailed kitsune in Japanese mythology.

Are Kitsunes real animals?

Foxes, also known as kitsune, are found all throughout Japan, and they're basically like wild foxes elsewhere in the world save for their supernatural abilities. Because of their adorable features and tiny stature, they are tremendously cherished by the majority of individuals. Kitsune yokai, on the other hand, is known to have many tails.

What is a half-human half fox called?

A half-kitsune is one who was born without a tail or with fox ears, but not both. Other pure humans refer to them as "Fox Ears" or "Fox Tail" because of their appearance.

Who sealed the 9 tailed fox?

The Nine-Tails was sealed away by the village's leader, the Fourth Hokage, who sacrificed his own life to do so.