What is @2nd slang?

2nd is used in Slang. The word 2nd means second.


What does qq term sexually imply?

T – transgender: a person who has a different gender identity than the doctor put on their birth certificate. Q – queer: originally used as a bad word, some people want to take the word back and make it a good one, but others think it is too bad.

What does the term TVT in-text imply?

TVT means = True Vital Trauma.

What does the phrase "1 1" imply in a text?

Answers: It means “1 of 1”.  If you have 5 messages, with the third one being 3/5, then it's obvious. I hope this clarifies things for you!

What exactly does the phrase "no love" imply?

A relationship between two people that lacks respect and affection is known as a "no love relation" one. ill will, hatred, or animosity between two individuals.

What does "no love lost" mean?

If you say that there is no love lost between two people or groups or there is little love lost between them, you mean that they do not like each other at all.

Can you lose love?

Love is never forgotten. Some of the most powerful, life-altering experiences are marked with beauty. Time fades memories, but it also helps to heal a broken heart. That person is never entirely forgotten, and their presence is never completely erased from your mind. This person will always be missed. When you do things like make dinner, you will think about them. This is because they are present in your life, even when the good times happen.

Is it love lost or love loss?

The standard phrase is "no love lost," which means there's a great deal of hatred between two people or, in your case, you and something you despise. However, "no love lost" was formerly used only to mean "hostility" since about 1800.

What does it imply to be a "Lost Full"?

“Lost full is when you get really angry with your teammates or a game situation,”. So you lose your composure in Call of Duty, meaning that you can't keep your composure anymore and it is important to keep your composure in Call of Duty.

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What does "lost me" imply?

You've lost me implies that I don't understand what you're saying; I'm perplexed or befuddled.

What does "absolutely" mean in terms of gaming?

Absolute implies that their health is so low that any type of injury should be fatal. It is 1 more shot or headshot, that will kill. 

What does the acronym F stand for in gaming?

In the PC version of the game, you need to press the F key. When someone dies, a message will say “Press F to pay respects.”