What are the most common challenges when it comes to international collaboration?

You might have a problem when you work with people from different countries. For example, they might not speak the same language as you. Or they might have a different culture. These things can make it difficult to communicate with them.


Which is not true about academic-industry collaborations?

Which is true about academic-industry collaborations? The industry sponsor typically owns the data from research that it funds. What is the fundamental function of a Technology Transfer Office in relation to collaborative study? It aids collaborative researchers in monetizing their discoveries.

What is the most significant element in assessing whether a scientific collaboration will be successful?

The most essential consideration in assessing whether a research collaboration will succeed is the degree of communication between team members about their objectives and responsibilities.

Which of the following claims is true regarding reviewer responsibilities on Quizlet?

A conflict of interest should be disclosed to the journal editor or grant agency by a reviewer. Reviewers have a responsibility to be good and not share the thing you sent them. Don't tell people what's in it. Keep it secret.

What is the fundamental aim of Russell and Burch's 3Rs concept?

According to Russell and Burch, the ultimate goal of the 3Rs was to eliminate inhumanity (or discomfort) in order to attain humanity. They made a distinction between direct and contingent inhumanity.

Which of the following statements best expresses RCR's goal?

Which of the following statements best reflects RCR education and training's primary aim? To raise public awareness of good research conduct and ethics.

What is the importance of academic-industry collaborations in today's business world? 

Which of the following is correct when it comes to university-industry partnerships? The data generated by the study is generally owned by the industry sponsor. A patent is a document that allows an institution to have control over the intellectual property from federally-funded research.

What is the definition of the Quizlet "What Defines Interdisciplinary Collaboration"? 

A collaborative/coordinated effort in which a group of people acts together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.

Which sentence about authors is true?

Which of the following is true regarding researchers who want to publish their work in several publications? If the same material is utilized in many papers, it is critical that this information be supplied to journal editors and other relevant parties.

What are the two major criteria that the National Science Foundation considers when assessing grant applications?

The National Science Foundation's two major criteria for evaluating grant applications are: intellectual value, broader impacts, and others have also suggested that an applicant's prior work should be taken into consideration.

Which of the following is most likely to have access to and control over the data from a research project?

The organization that receives federal money for a project. The entity that receives a government-funded grant is generally allowed to claim ownership of the data from the project.

Which of the following is a conflict of commitment Quizlet?

Which of the following statements is closest to a disagreement about commitment? When outside activities interfere with one's primary job, this is known as an interruption of employment.

Which method is most likely to detect and prevent fraud in research?

What is the best approach for detecting and stopping research misconduct? Have members of the research team check-in on the study's progress and data collection on a regular basis.

Which of the following is the most accurate description of a US federal research animal handling procedure?

Prior to beginning the research, the research team must obtain IACUC approval for the planned study methods.

What is the 3Rs theory's primary goal?

The "3 Rs" are intended to encourage researchers to limit the use of animals and minimize pain and suffering caused by animal testing.

What is the function of oversight bodies like an IRB or Iacuc)?

The main duty of oversight bodies (such as an IRB or IACUC) is to assess legal-regulatory compliance and, if necessary, protect research subjects.

What is the primary goal of NIH's conflict of interest policy?

The objective of the regulation is to "advance objectivity in research by establishing standards that will provide a reasonable assurance that funded research will be free of bias due to investigator financial conflict of interest."

What is the primary aim of RCR education and training?

The primary reasons for RCR education are to fulfill federal standards, minimize research fraud, and increase ethical decision-making abilities.

What is the definition of an interprofessional collaboration Quizlet?

When more than one person from a different profession works with patients, their families, and communities to give the best care possible.

What is the most important goal of team meetings that include members from several disciplines?

The main aim of multidisciplinary case conferences is to organize treatment so that clients get the best possible results.

Most of the solutions will mitigate problems with journal publication, but which of the following is most likely to assist with this?

Moving away from a publication bias that favors the publicizing of good findings.

Which of the following is true about writers who attempt to publish the same material in several papers?

If you use the same material in multiple papers without letting journal editors or other important individuals know, it is deceptive.

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