What are the departmental accountable officials responsible for?

What are Departmental Accountable Officials responsible for? Supporting the Certifying Officers with timely and accurate data, information, and/or service to ensure proper payments. In general, Certifying Officers must be U.S. citizens if their duty stations are within the United States.

Which is true about accountable officials and certifying officers?

The term correct when applied to Certifying Official duties means that: ... Which is true about Accountable Officials and Certifying Officers? They are pecuniarily liable for all illegal, improper or incorrect payments.

What is true about negligence as it applies to a certifying officer?

A Certifying Officer is presumed negligent when there is a fiscal irregularity. What is a Certifying Officer's maximum level of pecuniary liability with regards to erroneous payments? The full dollar value of the erroneous payment less any amount recovered from the traveler.

Which of the following are possessory accountable officers?

“Possessory” Accountable Officers. 1. Someone who has custody of funds is an accountable officer even though he or she is not a certifying or disbursing officer. Those entrusted with funds are liable for any and all losses.

How do certifying officers ensure system?

How do certifying officers ensure system? To ensure accuracy and legality, Certifying Officers need assurance that the automated system was designed properly and is functioning correctly. One way to ensure system integrity is through annual reviews, with interim checks when there have been major system changes.

What does a certifying officer do?

Specific people, called “certifying officers” in civilian agencies, are responsible for verifying that payments made by the Federal Government are legal, proper, and correct. The verification involves certifying a voucher for which a disbursement will be made.

Which of the following is the certifying officer not accountable for?

Which of the following is the Certifying Officer NOT accountable for? The Certifying Officer is not accountable for the design of the payment system. Valid Payments for purchase cards consists of three components.

Who is considered a certifying officer?

Certifying Officers include officers and employees of depository institutions including banks. These officers must verify a person's signature using a seal and stamp if the institution is authorized to pay U.S. Savings Bonds.

Who appoints a Certifying Officer?

This memorandum delegates to commanders, activity directors and other personnel of equivalent position, the authority to appoint certifying officers. Certifying officers are accountable to ensure payments are legal, proper and correct by their certification on vouchers prior to payment by a disbursing official.

What has changed the ability of DoD officials to verify that each payment is accurate and legal?

What has changed the ability of DoD officials to verify that each payment is accurate and legal? ... Automatically to Certifying Officers when there is an erroneous payment.

Which DTS feature allows you to give another routing official the ability to review or approve travel documents during your absence?

Defense Travel System

Authorizing Officials (AOs) use the Defense Travel System (DTS) to examine official travel documents before applying their digital signature to approve the contents. As an AO, you function as a Certifying Officer when you approve a DTS document for payment.

When can accountable officers be held Pecuniarily liable?

Departmental accountable officials shall be pecuniarily liable for illegal, improper or incorrect payments that result from information, data or services they negligently provide to a certifying officer, and upon which, the certifying officer directly relies in accordance with the provisions of 10 U.S.C.

What is a certifying official?

A Certifying Official (CO) is the training institution's representative responsible for completing paperwork necessary to certify enrollment for students eligible for VA benefits.