How many baby daddies did Jenny Rivera have?

She had three kids with her first husband, Trino Marín: Janney (aka Chiquis), Jacqie, and Trino Jr. (aka Michael). Her second husband, Juan López, was the father of her younger two children, Jenicka and Johnny.

What song did Jenni Rivera sing to her dad?

Jenni Rivera set foot on a stage for the very first time at 11 years old for a singing competition event called “Super Talento Latino.” With her father, Don Pedro Rivera, cheering her on from the sidelines, Rivera performed Chayito Valdes' “Besos Y Copas” with a live mariachi.

Is Pedro Rivera Sr still married?

In Mexican culture, Pedro Rivera has built a firm name in the regional Latin Music World. ... But, the public was initially surprised by the fact that recently in 2019, Pedro Rivera married his girlfriend, Juana Ahumada. Source: Instagram. Earlier, the Latin star was married to Rosa Saavedra for 45 years.

Who is Fernando in Mariposa barrio?

Christopher Millan

Christopher Millan: Fernando Ramírez.

Who did Trino Marin marry?

Jenni Rivera

m. 1984–1992

Is Mariposa de Barrio real?

Called Mariposa de Barrio, the show tells the story of singer Jenni Rivera. It was based on her autobiography penned before her death in 2012, called Unbreakable: My Story, My Way.

Is Mariposa del Barrio accurate?

Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio is based on the singer's autobiographical book “Inquebrantable,” as well as testimonies from her family and close friends. ... “It is a series that's going to tell the truth - the real story behind Jenni Rivera,” says her daughter Chiquis Rivera.

Is Mariposa de Barrio true?

Telemundo's series Mariposa de Barrio, based on the life and autobiography of Diva de la Banda Jenni Rivera, is now available to stream in its 91-episode entirety on Netflix.

Who is Jenni Rivera's mom?

Rosa Saavedra

Jenni Rivera/Mothers

Rivera was born on July 2, 1969 and raised in Long Beach, California, to Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera, both from Mexico. Her parents raised Rivera and her sister and four brothers in a tight-knit, musical household; her brother Lupillo is also a regional Mexican musician.

Who is Pete Rivera married to?

Ramona Rivera

Did Rosie marry Andres?

Marín allegedly spent nine years as a fugitive after Rivera's younger sister Rosie confessed that she … ... Andy had 3 siblings. The couple is also gifted with two children together, a daughter named Samantha Chay Flores, and the other whose name's yet not disclosed.