How do you spell Repore correctly?

The correct spelling of the word is “rapport,” which means an understanding, harmonious relationship, and it is a loanword from French. There is no such word as “repore” except as an acronym for “Report Output Retrieval System” which is a term used chiefly in governmental or military jargon and legal abbreviations.

What is a good Repore with someone?

Rapport is a good sense of understanding and trust. If you have good rapport with your neighbors, they won't mind if you kick your ball onto their property every now and then. If you have rapport with someone, you two communicate with trust and sympathy.

What is Repour?

(riːˈpɔː) verb (transitive) to pour back or again.

Is it a rapport or rapport?

The noun rapport means “a friendly, harmonious relationship,” especially one “characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy.” Both 'report' and 'rapport' ultimately derive from the Latin verb 'portare,' meaning “to carry.”

Do you spell Repoire?

Common misspelling of rapport.

What are technical words?

Technical words are words that have specific meanings in informational texts, such as science, mathematics, or social studies books. To find them, look for words that are in boldface or italicized. Use context clues, or other words in the sentence, to help you figure out the meaning.

What is the rise and fall of your voice when you speak?

Intonation means the way someone's voice rises and falls as they're speaking. ... The word also means "producing musical tones," either with your voice or a musical instrument.

What does rapport mean in Arabic?

rapport (also: intimacy, familiarity) اتِّصال وَثيق {noun} rapport. وِئام [wiʼām] {noun} rapport (also: accord, harmony)

How do you use a Repour?

Use Repour like a regular wine stopper in between glasses. Repour removes 100% of the oxygen from wine. With no oxygen, the wine stays fresh. Repour works so well your wine may need a little air before your first sip.

What does Rep it out mean?

To be unable to do any more repetitions of a strength-training exercise due to physical exhaustion.

How do you make someone a repor?

Follow these six steps to build rapport:

Check your appearance.

Remember the basics of good communication.

Find common ground.

Create shared experiences.

Be empathic.

Mirror and match mannerisms and speech appropriately.