Are Julie and Falen from BGC still friends?

She is thought to be the quiet one up until you get in her face, she is a wonderful friend and her, Rima, Julie and Falen are still friends.

What ethnicity is falen? 

German and Swedish: ethnic name for someone from East or Westphalia, from fal, presumably referring to a plain.

Does Valentina get kicked off BGC? 

Valentina was eliminated in episode 8.

Who messed with Stasi contacts? 

Shelly was mad because Stasi didn't like her attitude so she took her bed out, Shelly said Stasi's eyes were “fake” so she decided to pour BLEACH on Stasi's contacts, Stasi was incredibly mad and disgusted with that so she went to confront Shelly and Angie, asking them who did it, both Shelly and Angie said they didn't ...

Did Julie and Rima really get married? 

Big Booty Julie and Rimanelli tie the knot.

Why does Erika leave BGC? 

Rima is the physical altercation between Erika Jordan and Rima Mellal in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. The physical altercation resulted in Erika being removed from the house.

Where is Andrea from BGC? 

Andrea is currently 32 and she resides in Long Island, New York.

What does the name falen mean? 

Meaning: Means 'grandchild of the ruler' Origin: Irish.

What nationality is Rima from BGC? 

Algerian Coming from a strict Muslim-Algerian household, this further strained the relationship she had with her mother. “My parents were strict, especially my mom,” Rima said. “She still is.

Did Nancy get sent home BGC? 

Nancy is eliminated in episode 9.

Who won BGC Season 10? 

Jenniffer After filming Paula, Jenniffer, Shannon, and Raquel appeared on the first season of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. Raquel placed 14th, Shannon placed 13th, Paula placed 9th, and Jenniffer won the competition.

Who left BGC Season 10? 

1 Janae voluntarily left the house in episode 3 after a physical altercation with Alicia and Valentina. 2 Jenniffer replaced Janae in episode 4. 3 Nicole voluntarily left the house in episode 4 after multiple physical altercations with Valentina.

Where is Priscilla from BGC? 

Priscilla is currently 31 years old and resides in Staten Island, New York.