What is social SEO?

In a nutshell, it's the art and science of taking your social media accounts to the next level.

Social SEO is a very effective method of generating a huge amount of targeted traffic from search engines over a sustained period. This means that you can quickly build up an engaged following on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest – which can then be used to direct people back to your own website, increasing traffic and sales.

social seo
Social SEO

Social SEO is not a magic cure for an ailing social media campaign though – it's simply one piece of the puzzle and needs to be implemented alongside other strategies such as content marketing and PPC (pay per click).

There are hundreds of strategists out there who claim to be able to deliver a stunning social media campaign – but most of them are simply looking for a quick buck.

A true social SEO campaign takes time, patience, and commitment – but the rewards can be well worth it. The best way to see this in action is to look at the accounts which dominate the social media landscape currently:

Facebook: If you've ever used Facebook, you'll know that it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. However, did you know that it's also the biggest social media website out there? The public profiles on Facebook can be mined for all kinds of data which can then be used to segment your target market.

Most people will have 'liked' a few pages here and there, giving you valuable insight into the likes of their interests. You can then take this information to run advertising campaigns or deliver certain content which your target market is likely to want to engage with.

Instagram: One of the newer kids on the social media block, Instagram has quickly become one of the biggest players thanks to its huge number of users and growing popularity. A lot of businesses are using Instagram as a way to connect with their audience, but it's still a little bit more difficult than other sites.

 You need a certain understanding of how photo-sharing websites work in order to really take advantage – but once you have that, you can push the likes and follows to your advantage. If an account is uploading pictures with a certain hashtag several times in a week, it will be shared on that subject automatically. Really making this one work well takes time and effort but definitely has its rewards!

Pinterest: The last of the big three, Pinterest is also probably the least well-known to the general public. Pinterest works by allowing users to 'follow' other accounts, based on which 'boards' they've created.

There are many different strategies you can use on Pinterest – but one of the most popular is building up a following which then follows your account. If someone has 1000 followers for example, and each follower only follows one other account, then that's 1000 potential new followers in the bag.

Of course, this all takes time and effort to put into place but is probably one of the most effective ways to maximize your social media presence right now!

There are many more platforms out there that can help you increase traffic and following – here are just a few:




By taking advantage of these sites, you'll be able to reach out and expand your audience. If you can make this work in tandem with a solid content marketing campaign (such as the ones we deliver here at Content Marketing Experts ), then there's a good chance that you'll see a big surge in traffic and sales.

If your business is finding it difficult to reach the levels of success that you're hoping for, then maybe some solid social SEO work could be the answer. It takes time and effort but the rewards can be more than worth it!