Colombia's most notorious drug trafficker has been arrested

Colombia's most notorious drug trafficker and the leader of its largest criminal organization has been captured.

Otoniel, a drug lord who goes by the name Dairo Antonio Úsuga, was caught after a military, air force, and police collaboration on Saturday.

The government has offered a reward of $800,000 for information about his whereabouts. The US put a bounty on his head worth $5 million. President Iván Duque celebrated the capture in a video message on TV.

"This is the most severe blow against drug trafficking in our nation since the century began," he added.

Otoniel was captured in his hideout in the Antioquia province of Colombia, close to the border with Panama.

Details of the operation are coming in. One police officer was killed.


Later, Colombia's military published a photograph showing its troops protecting Otoniel while he was handcuffed.

Otoniel became the new leader of the Gulf Clan, which had been known as the Usuga Clan before. His brother was shot by police when they raided a New Year's Eve party ten years ago.

Colombia's security forces say that this gang is the country's most powerful criminal organization. This gang is also very violent. The US also says that this gang is heavily armed and very violent.

The gang is engaged in many illegal things. They are involved with drugs, smuggling, illegal gold mining, and extortion.

The gang controls many routes to smuggle drugs from Colombia to the US and other countries.

He is charged with numerous offenses including sending cocaine to the US, murdering cops, and recruiting youngsters.